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Fabric Guide

Let’s talk fabrics!

Not all fabrics are made equal, this guide will help you understand the different high quality fabric options we have available.

Polycotton canvas 35% polyester & 65% cotton

Our polycotton is 200gsm

Polycotton canvas is lightweight fabric designed to be resilient but keeping the appearance of the 100% cotton canvas tent

Our polycotton canvas is treated with a UV waterproof and mould resistant agent

Our 200gsm polycotton canvas tents are available in 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m size

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100% Cotton

Cotton Canvas

Our 100% cotton canvas comes in 2 weights 285gsm and 365gsm (365gsm is treated with PROBAN a fire proofing agent during manufacturing process.)

Cotton canvas is breathable , hardwearing ,insulating and environmentally friendly! the perfect choice for all weather all year camping.

Our 285gsm Cotton canvas is treated with a UV / waterproof & mould resistant agent.

Our 365gsm Cotton canvas is additionally treated with PROBAN a fire proofing agent.

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Tested Vigorously

Fire proofing

Our fire proofed canvas tents are tested beyond the typical BS 7837 certification!

Our fabric has reached the rigours CPAI 84 certification! in a nut shell this means the fabric is tested multiple times with different environmental factor for example washing the fabric several times to simulate real life conditions and then testing its fireproof rating.

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